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Bayu TV is TV Bayu

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Bayu TV is moving to TV Bayu

Flanegan Bainon
23rd January 2021

It’s been half a year am experimenting Bayu TV under Hinava Media’s domain. Although the number is not impressive, average 20 visitors a day since the beginning.

As an MVP, I can say the platform can be fully run without any issues. The Live Function can be activated anytime. Same goes to PPV Film for creators who are interested to have their movie shown in this platform. 

I mentioned that I am targeting to get at least 20 films contents by the end of Feb 2021 right? I think I over estimated myself. Let’s say if I can’t reach the target. No fuss, keep moving forward.

I will keep on wandering around looking for Bornean Creator onboarding them into Bayu TV and at the same time, I might need to a solution how can I work together with a few passionate people to get more people to register.

All video is free to view for now with an exception from Filmmaker who wants their film to be paid to view.

May year 2021 will be the year of awesomeness for Borneo Content.


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