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Shutting Down TV Bayu

Flanegan Bainon

It is sad to announce that Hinava Media’s first product, TV Bayu will officially shut down on the 16th of February 2023.

It was a short wild 2 years ride to push Sabah’s Motion Picture to the globe by having our own digital streaming site.

A very tough decision because creating TV Bayu from scratch until the web platform comes to life.

Here’s what I learn from starting my own Streaming Site :

  1. Takes time to create a full product alone and there will be always a need to change every moment.
  2. Promoting the product alone in the small state of Sabah is not easy, out of 100 filmmakers/productions I’ve met, only less than 5 are interested to be part of the movement. Probably my friend is correct, I have the face that people don’t trust easily… That politician face, amidst I’m not a politician. lol
  3. I wish before I started this idea, I have a group of people who shared the same vision.
  4. When I agreed to stream a pre-season football match for Sabah FC, I underestimate the amount of viewership (my target is to get less than 1k views, and the rest can watch on Facebook live). The server went down for the whole week because it exceeded more than 20k visitors in 1 go. Lesson learnt!
  5. Having a consistent viewership does not equal having potential earnings. The local’s mentality already gets used to free stuff. Financial support does not include part of their contribution.
  6. Maintaining the website, checking the streaming works or not and keeping the server intact with no return sometimes demotivates me.
  7. I see no hope when there’s a lack of support from the industry people themselves. Again, maybe my fault for promoting the idea in the wrong way.

I’m not sure what’s next for Hinava Media. I would love to focus on the music part and help the unknown talented musician in Sabah.

Probably, I will close down Hinava Media and focus more on producing my photography work. As for now, I need to research more on the potential of the local music scene.

Once again, for the 482 registered users of TV Bayu and 3 Filmmakers and 2 production house who are willing to stream their content on TV Bayu.

Thank you very much for your love and support.

I believe someone who has more resources and connections will create a better streaming platform for Sabah Motion Picture in the future.

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