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Why I think “Cool Japan” initiative is a failure

Why I think “Cool Japan” initiative is a failure?

Flanegan Bainon
5th March 2020

My time as Commercial Photographer in Tokyo and Capture Mizuki Nana and TM Revolution Live Concert

I know Cool Japan initiative is a failure by the Government because when there’s an event or program with a Support by them. You don’t see big artist, creative people who should be there but got selected by the government themselves who they think is cool and will bring back Japan Soft-Power. It’s been a decade or more..

What’s the result? Zero.. The Creative Industry in Japan is flat since I move, lived and worked there in 2012.

It’s already 2020 and I don’t see any big changes. All the high creative tech you see during Brazil Closing Olympic? Already exist… One of the production I used to be part of in late 2012 has been using it in their own small niche market.

Deep down in my heart.. I would like to see Creative Industry in Japan become well-known again but not a reminiscent one.

And I’m a big Fan of Korean Movie since I discovered how good are they back in Australia. I spent good amount of money just to get their DVD in ‘Chinatown’. Most of my DVD Movie Collection are either Koreans latest movie, as for the Japanese film. Mostly in the 80s and 90s.

Thus, I would love to see Sabah Arts, Contemporary Culture and Film to be seen too. The best way is via Digital Online with a platform where it will just focus on it.

There’s where Hinava Media stands. And I decide to establish and register as a Business Entity.

Creative need people support. Creative need crazy and passionate people to make it move.

I want it to be a Unity one. Not just for 华人 or Kadus or Malay/English Speaker or kita-kita bah ni.

I want everyone to involve.
It will takes time and I will do and forget the time. As long it is progress.

I will be back in Kota Kinabalu from 21st until 28th this month.
Would like to meet everyone who want to join this long unstable journey where we finally see a beautiful path flowery road.


Hinava Media (003080844-D)
33-01, 33rd Floor, Menara Keck Seng,
203 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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